Home Renovations That May Reduce The Value Of Your Home

Most home renovations can increase the resale value of a home but there are some improvements that may actually do the opposite. Homeowners certainly find it satisfying to make renovations and improvements on their homes but if you are not sure if you are going to stay in the home indefinitely, it is important to consider the renovations that will be undertaken.

There are home renovations that may be appealing to a homeowner but in reality it might not be enticing to future home buyers. According to propertycluster, the following are home renovations that can lower the resale value of the home.

  • The odd one – In most neighborhoods, a common design and paint color is shared for uniformity. If you decide to change the design of your home or add another story then your property will be distinct from all the others in the neighborhood. If the present design of your home will make it standout, potential home buyers might lose their interest.
  • Adding a swimming pool – if there is one improvement that makes home buyers hesitant, it is the swimming pool. It might be the ultimate in luxury for your family particularly the children but many home buyers think that a swimming pool is unsafe. A swimming pool can be a liability instead of a leverage and luxury.
  • Luxury updates – if you are a homeowner in a mid-segment neighborhood, it is important to avoid luxury upgrades. Many homeowners assume that hi-tech and expensive gadgets are cool but home buyers may not find it budget friendly especially those who are not fond of modern technology.
  • Upgrades without permits – every state has its own building codes, permits and requirement’s for upgrades. During the sales process, it is important to have all the permits on hand because many home buyers stay away from homes that do not follow building regulations.

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