Grafenia Extends Master Licence Deal With Redshift

Trafford-based design and printing company Grafenia, AKA, known for its many sub-brands that handle a wide range of printing and graphics needs, from signage to stickers in NZ, recently announced that it has been discussing with Redshift, its New Zealand partner, and have decided to extend their partnership by 18 years.

Redshift and Grafenia have been partners since 2006. For more than 12 years, Redshift operated Grafenia’s brand partner network, including, and in 2016, the latter amended their licence agreement, extending it to include the Nettl brand and systems. Currently, the New Zealand company is operating or supporting 29 of’s outlets as well as 4 Nettl branded studios in the country.

Grafenia announced on the 27th of April, 2018, that they have amended the terms of their agreement with Redshift, extending the partnership by an additional 18 years. According to the company, part of the terms of the master licence agreement include that Redshift pay a minimum monthly royalty to them, with a minimum royalty value of £4.6 million, at current currency exchange rates,over the course of the extended partnership, assuming that the contract stays intact until the agreed upon first break date in May 2036.

According to Grafenia, part of the amendments in the agreement include an expansion in Redshift’s territory, which will now include the AU, meaning that they’ll be handling both stickers in NZ and the AU now, among others.

The week prior to the announcement, Redshift began marketing the Nettl brand to the AU’s graphics businesses, at one of Brisbane’s trade shows. Nettl is a toolkit for software, training and systems, which allow designers and printers to design and profitably sell websites and ecommerce projects.

Redshift’s CEO, Lawrence Evans, says that their NZ customers like Nettl so much that the company felt that they had to bring it into Australia’s market, adding that the Nettl solution is not only reliable, but it’s also fairly unique in the market.

Grafenia’s CEO Peter Gunning says that they are excited to continue their partnership with Evans and to work with him and his team to bring Nettl to Australia’s market.