Graduate From West Point Launched Book About Teaching English

An alumnus of West Point High School of 2005 has recently launched his book about how to teach English as a secondary language. The graduate, Julian Mihdi Breneman, released his book last May 29 in the form of an e-book or an electronic book. It was entitled “How To Be A Successful ESL Teacher”. Its target market is young people who are planning to teach English overseas.

According to the book news release, the e-book contains all the necessary information regarding the process of teaching as a secondary language and what processes are involved. It is considered a one stop guide because it contains everything there is to know about teaching English abroad. There are instructions on how to start looking and landing a job and how to make interactions with foreign students since it is one way to make teaching an effective process.

Breneman posted on his personal website and shared his realization that there is a big space that separates the ESL information that are found online compared to the real life experiences when one is teaching ESL overseas in a strange country. He also added that he wrote the e-book in order to close the space that comes between the online information and the reality. This way, young people will be encouraged when they know how it is to be a teacher in real life rather than on what they read online.

There are nine chapters to the e-book “How To Be A Successful ESL Teacher” and these discusses the following:

  • Getting certification from TEFL programs.
  • Overcoming the anxiety of moving to another country.
  • Adapting the strategies outlined by Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence.
  • Getting to know the culture of another country.

Breneman is not only an English Teacher with a TEFL certification but he is also a freelance writer. He has devoted three and a half years of his life teaching English to two different cities located in Thailand – Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. He also became a teacher at public schools, home schooled children and also did some private tutoring. The e-book will tell more about how it is teaching English in Thailand.