Grace Worldwide Appoints United Yeah As New Creative Agency

Grace Worldwide has recently been keeping a pitching battle related to it under wraps, as the company seeks to appoint an agency to act as the creative arm of the century old business. Now, the company has revealed the resultsof the pitching, and its new creative agency.

Grace Worldwide was established Grace Bros., by brother Joseph N. and Albert E. Grace from their retail shop located in downtown Sydney. Over the past 106 years of operations, Grace Worldwide has since grown into a household name as one of the largest removalists in Sydney and Australia. The company claims to be the country’s single biggest records management, storage and removals company.

United Yeah, the New South Wales-based advertising agency, will be in handling the marketing and advertising for the-now Grace Worldwideto follow Grace’s global rebrand later in 2017. UY will take front with ensuring that the century old business is able to find and reach a new generation of customers, across the residential, corporate and commercial sectors.

Managing Director Steven Brown of Grace Worldwide, says that Grace is a legacy brand, which has been a mainstay in the Australian market for over a century now. He says that that fact meant that they needed an agency who could cater to their specific needs; they needed an advertising agency that understood how to respect the legacyof their brand whilst generating headway for the company to introduce it to the next generation of customers.

He says that Grace Worldwide is excited to be partners with the United Yeah Team.

United Yeah Co-Founder James Anderson said that UY accepted the partnership, because being able to work with Grace Worldwide and tell the story of one of the AU’s oldest brands, and one of the biggest removalists in Sydney, was a rare opportunity. He says that the UY team is excited to be kicking off this new collaboration with Grace Worldwide.

Dan Godkin, another one of United Yeah’s co-founders, stated his opinion in support of Anderson, saying that he, too found the new prospect as promising, and that he looked forward to the potential of this new partnership.