Future Is Looking Great For Australia’s Logistics Industry

Deakin University recently released a report regarding the future of logistics industry in Australia which revealed that technology is going to play a big part in it. It is predicted that mails will soon be delivered through drones and mobile grocery stores will be a thing but these are going to be driverless vehicles. The report showed that the supply chain in the country is off to a bright future and logistics in Perth believe that they are already on the right path.

The report is part of the journal called Deakin’s Centre for Supply Chain and Logistics. It was conducted with the request from the federal government as they wanted to see the current standing of the National Freight and Supply Chain Priorities in the country.

The team of researchers was able to focus on the possibility of supermarkets being replaced by mobile grocery stores on driverless vehicles. Mail services, on the other hand, is considered to be a possibility with Robo Post and drones using the bikes lanes and footpaths as guide. Aside from these, explorations were also done with regards to sharing economy on how they can create a model similar to Uber but with trucks instead while they are also considering the Airbnb setup with warehouses which are up for lease.

The research done by Deakin revealed that there are around 200 elements that could drive change to the supply chain industry as the team was able to get insights from the experts in the market. Out of these, four scenarios are expected to play out and could be possibly operation by 2037.

The leader of the research team, Dr. Roberto Perez-Franco who is a senior researcher at Deakin centre, said that these scenarios were helpful for the experts in the industry as they are able to get a view of the nation’s future. It is also expected that these scenarios will bring out a more competitive spirit in the logistics industry. He added that these strategies, to be implements by logistics in Perth and all over the country, will be helpful in adopting with climate change, innovation in automation and development in the international level.