Four Web Design Trends To Look Out for In 2018

A website is the face of the company on the internet. It acts as a sales man of the company and helps companies to improve their sales and revenues. Hence, the website of a business should be professional and must portray a good image of the company. Designing a website for a business involves a lot of research and hard work. While there are many important factors like the content and layout of the site, aesthetics also play an important role in the success of a website. There are a number of trends like bold typographies, using AI, use of animation and GIF, asymmetric layout etc. t

Here are a few design trends that are gaining popularity with the businesses and the viewers. While trends keep changing rapidly, it is important to stay updated about them. The designers at Cloud Cartel update the clients about the constant changes in the industry and manage and update the websites of the clients as and when required.

  1. Web animation

Use of animation is gaining popularity with popular web designers like Cloud Cartel. Animation allows the designers to convey complex messages in a fun and interesting manner. Animations help in giving a dynamic image to the brand and are successful in conveying the brand story to the viewers. Designers around the world are using animated logos, GIFs and other tools to add innovative animations to the websites.

  1. Use of striking colours

Web designers are leaning towards the use of bold and striking colours for creating aesthetically pleasing websites. The right use of colours allows designers to create unique websites that convey brand identity and brand stories effectively to the viewers.

  1. Data visualization

With advancements in technology and availability of a lot of tools and techniques, web designers are using data visualization as the central theme for developing the websites. Experienced web designers in Cloud Cartel use animation, design and typography to convey complex information in an easy format for viewers across different demographics.

  1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence tools like chatbots are largely being used by web designers like Cloud Cartel. Use of AI helps the websites to connect easily with the viewers and provide them customized and personalized service.