Four Tips To Stay Safe And Enjoy Your Vacation In Pattaya

Pattaya is a famous tourist attraction in Thailand. The sleepy fishing village is famous for its nightlife and party scene. There are many places of tourist interest in the city. However, like any other touristy city, Pattaya also has some dangerous places, tourists should keep away from.

The city is a perfect destination for solo travel or honeymoon couples. Book your stay at the best residence in Pattaya and keep the following points in mind to enjoy your vacation and make the most of your time in Pattaya.

  1. Drugs – Stay away from drugs. Possessing and consuming, drugs of any kind, is illegal activity in the city. Police raid the bars and party venues to search for drugs. Stay away from persons using drugs, in order to be safe and protect yourself from spending time in Thai prison.
  2. Massage–Be very careful, when opting for a massage therapy in the city. There are a number of fake massage parlours that dupe the customers and ask them to cough up a hefty fee to be allowed to leave the parlour. Always take the opinion of fellow tourists and visit the popular parlours.
  3. Taxi ride – Be very careful while taking a taxi or Tuktuk ride in the city. The drivers try to con the tourists and jack up the fare. Always ask for the correct price from the starting point to destination, before taking the ride. Always take a taxi with a meter to be safe from the scamming taxi and Tuktuk drivers. It is a great idea to stay at the best residence in Pattaya, which is near to the major attractions in the city. The close proximity to the tourist spots, allows you to save time and also money.
  4. Choose good beaches – Most of the beaches in the city are polluted due to the open sewer system in the city. Instead of visiting the polluted beaches, tourists can visit the clean and pristine Jomtein beaches. Moreover, the best residence in Pattaya is located close to the Jomtein beach.

Just stay safe by acting smart and keeping away from the fraud artists, thieves and notorious places. Prefer big hotels, renowned party spots and shopping areas in the city. Be careful to book your stay at the best residence in Pattaya and try to reach your hotel before it is dark.