Four Must Visit Attractions In Port Douglas

Port Douglas is a beautiful beach city in Australia. The city is popular as the gateway to both the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest, two popular world heritage sites in the country. The city sees an influx of tourists from across the world during the peak tourist time.

Port Douglas is located in a remote area in Australia and does not have an airport. Cairns airport is the nearest airport to the city. The commute between Cairns and Port Douglas takes an hour to 75 minutes depending on the traffic conditions. Tourists are advised to book a transportation service l Port Douglas that has shuttle service between Cairns airport and the city.

If you are visiting the city for the first time, here is a list of popular attractions in Port Douglas

  • Great Barrier Reef

The top most attraction in the city. Plan a diving or snorkeling expedition or view the full expanse of the Great Barrier Reef from a helicopter. The barrier reef is 40kilometers away from the shore and is a collection of many small reefs spread over an area of 2300 kilometers. Book a transportation service in Port Douglas to commute from your hotel to the beach.

  • Daintree Rainforest

A World heritage site, the rainforest is home to a fascinating variety of flora and fauna. Take up a tour of the enchanting forests with an aboriginal guide, who knows every nook and corner of their territory or explore the forest on your own. Arrange a transportation service in Port Douglas for commute between your hotel and the entry of the forest.

  • 4 mile beach

This is the best beach in Port Douglas. The unspoilt and pristine beach is ideal for swimming, kitesurfing, paddling and sunbathing.The beautiful beach spreads for 4 miles without a hint of any construction or civilization that spoils the beautiful views of the ocean.

  • Mossman gorge

Plan an excursion to Mossman gorge, to experience the rainforest closely. Mossman gorge is one of the must visit attractions in Australia. The gorge is home to rare flora and fauna. Only one hectare of the expansive 120000 hectares of forest, is estimated to contain nearly 30,000 types of rare plants and animals. Pre-book your Mossman gorge tours with a reputed transportation service in Port Douglas and take a dip in the fresh and safe rainforest stream in the Mossman gorge.