Four Mostly Preferred Reroofing Materials In Sydney

Replacing the roof of your house is a major investment. It should be properly selected and must be durable. There are a wide range of roofing materials in the market. The choice of roofing material should depend on the weather conditions, roof shape and size and your budget. You should also consider the overall look of the neighbourhood and the prevailing limitations before choosing a roof style and roofing material for your house.

Some of the materials used for re roofing in Sydney, which are very popular are Terracotta tiles, concrete tiles, slate tiles and metal roofing.  Each material has special features and is suitable for different types of homes.

  1. Terracotta tiles – These tiles are made from baked earth and are highly sustainable. The non combustible tiles are available in a variety of designs and finishing. The tiles are the most sought after options for reroofing in Sydney because of the aesthetic appeal they offer and the durability.
  2. Concrete tiles – The concrete tiles are made through a mixture of Portland cement, hydraulic cement, fly ash and sand. The highly durable and sustainable cement tiles last for a very long duration. They are the best bet for places which encounter harsh weather conditions.
  3. Slate tiles – There are two types of slate tiles. Natural slate tiles and man-made slate roofs. The natural slate roofs are heavy and expensive. But they offer an unmatched aesthetic look. Slate is preferred choice of homeowners who desire a stylish material for reroofing, which also lasts longer than any other roofing material.
  4. Metal roofing – The most eco friendly option for reroofing in Sydney are metal roofs. The roof is made from recyclable materials such as zinc, silicon and aluminium. The metal roofs are recyclable. The metal roofing, which was the preferred choice of roofing in the past, is slowly seeing resurgence in demand. The metal roofs are available in a lot of modern styles and finishing to suit new houses. Many homeowners prefer metal roofs because of its environmental sustainability and durability. Metal roofs are also fire resistant and long lasting.

These are some of materials used for reroofing in Sydney, mostly preferred by roofing companies and homeowners. If you are not sure about the type of roofing material for your house, get free consultation from roofing companies. The experts will offer a range of solutions to suit the decor of your home and budget.