Fitzhugh Decorators – What Home Improvement Is Worth In 2015?

With the improving economy, homeowners are back to spending more for remodeling projects. Aside from increasing the resale value of homes, homeowners call on Fitzhugh Decorators because a beautiful home can provide emotional satisfaction. Fitzhugh Decorators take pride in their work and they value the reputation generated by 40 years of experience. Professionals with experience in the industry stay up to date with popular ideas in decorating the dream home.

Home improvement projects are getting better returns on investment these days compared to the past years. Homeowners are now dedicating a portion of their savings to kitchen remodels and backyard decks. This is largely due to the rebounding home sales market where prices are up by 55% this May from post-recession low point in the early spring of 2011. This statistics are courtesy of Standard & Poor/Case-Shiller Home Price Index.

In metro Detroit the most common home improvements include kitchen upgrades, renovation’s to the master bedroom and basement finishing. However, there is no guarantee that expensive renovations will net a profit at sale closing or even approach breaking point. If you are considering home improvements for the purpose of increasing home resale value, it is important to research design trends and choose one that has a broad appeal.

Many homeowners make the mistake of investing a lot of money on a home improvement that is uniquely specific to their taste but does not have a broader appeal. It makes sense to consider what is appealing to a home buyer because that is where the real value is and not on the seller. There is a wide range of home improvements to choose from with the highest returns on investment like replacing the front door with a steel or fiberglass door.

On the other hand, even if 30% of home improvements are done with the objective of increasing the home’s resale value, there are also improvements for personal satisfaction. There are also improvements that can improve livability like replacing leaky roofs and remodeling the outdated kitchen. Home buyers are not always attracted by aesthetics because it is easy enough to make improvements when the house has been purchased. They often prefer home improvements that enhance functionality.