Factors To Consider Before You Choose A Memorial Tree For A Beloved Family Member

Planting a memorial tree is a natural and environment friendly way to honor the memories of your loved one. The memorial tree will resemble your undying love even after the passing away of your beloved family member or friend. There are some considerations you need to make before planning a tree memorial service.

  1. The important factor to determine is the place of the tree plantation ceremony. Are you willing to do it at your home or in a favorite garden or nature trail of your loved one or in a memorial park. Many companies provide biodegradable cremation urns that can be used for memorial tree service.
  2. The next important consideration is the elements you want to include in the memorial service. You can include the ashes of your loved one in the plantation or decide to just plant a tree without the ashes. You may want to bury some memorabilia like the favorite items, or photograph under the sapling. Some families prefer to display the cremation urns on the table before burying them in the ground along with the sapling. The memorial trees can be adorned with plaques containing the name, birth and death date of the honoree and a short motto or a life quote, they believed in. Some of the common trees used for memorial service and their symbolism
  • Oak tree – oak tree symbolizes strength, honor and eternity
  • Japanese Maple – The tree is planted to symbolize blessings and peaceful retreat
  • Cherry tree – The beautiful cherry tree symbolizes rebirth and awakening
  • Pine tree – The magnificent Pine tree is a symbol of eternal life and reaching for the stars
  • Magnolia tree – A Magnolia tree is a symbol of fidelity
  • Redbud tree – This tree symbolizes freshness


  1. Choose a special plant or tree that is associated with the memories of the loved one. Choose a correct sapling depending on the soil conditions and whether conditions. Plant the sapling carefully and take care of the sapling in the right manner to suit the climate and soil condition in the area. Take proper care of the sapling so that it grows into a healthy tree or plant and keeps remembering you of the beautiful memories of your loved one. Take the help of an arborist or landscape company to be successful in your attempts. You can use biodegradable cremation urns to place the ashes of your beloved family member and place them below the sapling. The joy of seeing a beautiful tree grow out of these ashes will provide comfort and peace.