Enjoy Shopping In Bangkok’s Night Markets And Stay In A Hotel Near Night Market In Ratchada

In Bangkok, you are almost offered anything by shopping incomparably. Discerning shoppers can practically find anything under the sun. While there are those who prefer to shop in huge shopping malls, there are still a few who go for night markets like those in Ratchada or Patpong. To ensure that you are close to these markets, you may want to stay in a hotel near night market in Ratchada for convenience.

Unlike the ordinary huge markets, street markets are those installed in the evening or early afternoon. The markets are found all across Bangkok, spread along the pavements. A popular sidewalk market in this city is Sukhumvit street market, where many travellers come to visit. The items offered here are T-shirts, Thai silk, leather bags, watches, DVDs, CDs, Thai handicrafts and souvenirs. There really is something cheap to buy in here.

For a younger visitor, the Khao San Road street market is also an interesting site for shopping. Here you get to buy fishermen’s pants, books, and backpacks aside from all the essentials. Shoppers can have their hair styled or hands hennaed. You also get a lot of bargains if you go to the Pratunam street market where Arab and Indian shoppers frequently visit.

If you want to experience Thai culture, an ideal place to visit is the famous Flashlight Market. The night market is open every Friday on Worajak Road where lots of people turn on the flashlights to see clearly the items they want to buy. Here you get all sorts of products to buy from electronics to cooking. You can also taste exquisite Thai cuisines in many small street stall restaurants. So at the end of the day, you’ll want to return back to your hotel near night market in Ratchada to relax and unwind.

So if you are planning to come to Bangkok, ensure that you have extra space in your luggage to keep the goods you purchased. The amazing street market can make you buy practically anything. For accommodations, check out a hotel near night market in Ratchada for a marvellous and worthwhile experience in Bangkok.