Cookies And Biscuits While Carpet Cleaning!

There are people who want well-kept and clean homes. There are people who want their homes to be clean and tidy, there are also those who are obsessive about cleanliness. If there are people who want to be clean, there are those too who wants cleanliness but does not have the time nor they want to spend their time cleaning, or they are just plain lazy. These are the times that professional cleaners are called in.

Such are cases for carpet cleaning. It takes too much time and effort if one chooses to do it personally and sometimes it doesn’t work at all, so carpet cleaning in Perth and in different areas are in a big boom. Usually, the homeowners or business owners are the ones calling or the service, however, there is one case that seems to take a whole new view on cleaning services.

An avid cleaner, David James Donald, 73, has decided to take cleaning services into something as an obsession and an unwanted service to most people especially the elderly. His business is to provide door-to-door carpet cleaning and unfortunately, he tends to forcefully do his job even if the homeowner doesn’t want or need his services at all. Mr Donald has since been fined $10,000 by the court for court costs and double of what he was paid after he has forced people to pay for his cleaning service.

However, even after the fine has been imposed, he still continued to provide his unwanted carpet cleaning in Perth and services in Victoria when he forcibly told an 89-year-old woman that her carpet needs cleaning. When she told him that she couldn’t afford to pay for the cleaning services, he still insisted that she can afford it as she is receiving a pension. He then proceeded to clean the carpets and while at it, he even asked for coffee and biscuits. Feedback to the cleaning was that it wasn’t even clean at all. Mr Donald disputed this result though stating that there is no negative feedback for his services. The judge decided to rule against his favour though thus the fine. The final penalty is yet to be established.