Co-Living Spaces For Adults

Co-living is a new trend in living and housing. The idea is compared to living in dormitory-like surroundings.

WeWork which has been originally known as a coworking startup business is now starting a co-living endeavor aptly named WeLive. This is set to provide the company with 20% of revenue in 2018. A competitor called Common is building a whole business capitalizing on this idea. However, co-living is still far from gaining a dramatic change in the living arrangements.

Co-living isn’t an act of memorializing college and getting drunk. It also doesn’t seem to offer an upgrade from the usual housing arrangements people are familiar of. Currently, co-living is living in an apartment building. However, residents pay premium for a number of amenities and facilities. There are also shared events. Flexible living space is also expected.

The phrase “dorm for adults” is misleading. Although residents share bathrooms and also kitchens, this is not what Common is like according to its CEO Brad Hargreaves. Co-living is living with other people aside from family. Some spaces are shared, but there are also spaces only meant for one. The selling factor of co-living buildings include the friendship started while sharing amenities with other people. There are tubs, yoga rooms, shared kitchens, laundry and so much more. When people use the facilities together, it is chance to meet other people.

Another advantage in co-living spaces is the flexibility to stay short or longer – this can mean days or weeks. There is no big commitment in terms of money. Given the amenities and the flexibility, prices are higher. A room in Common sets one off at $1,800 – $2,300 monthly for a 120 square foot of space in average. This comes with a shared bathroom and kitchen. While studios in WeLive start from $2,745. These prices include furniture. These prices are not outrageous in New York, though.

While it can seem difficult to even share storage spaces for Basin Vanity Units and other furniture in bathrooms and kitchens, how much more in living with other people. However, this is starting to be a part of modern living. And, it is how living will evolve in years.