Cheaper Vacations And Accommodations In Greece

Vacations in Greece are now more affordable along with accommodations similar to luxury self catering in Scotland as Holidays to the country are being discounted by as much as 70% by travel companies to persuade people to visit it, barring the risk of food, medicine, and cash shortages.

Due to the economic crisis that has plagued Greece for many years, airline companies and travel agencies have cut prices to attract holidaymakers. According to Skyscanner, flights to Greece are now as cheap as £181 compared to the £335 of last year.

Flights and agencies aren’t the only ones that cut prices. Due to the glaring vacancies that hotels, villas, and self-catering accommodations have faced, prices have been cut by as much as 50%. Experts say that more reduction is soon to be expected.

However, holidaymakers are advised to be cautious and wary of themselves and their belongings during a trip to Greece. Damian Reilly, head of travel insurance for says that thieves are likely to target tourists more due to the side effect of the Greek economic crisis.

Reilly says that cancelled flights may also be an issue for travelers if Greek airports are unable to pay the wages of public sector workers.

Nevertheless, holiday packages can go as low as £200. A travel agency was even reported to offer £180 deals for one person for a week stay at a three star hotel. The discount was as much as 70%

Some tour operators have even lessened prices drastically. The self-catering accommodations at Ilaira Apartments are available for as low as £329 per person inclusive of flights and transfers from the full price of almost £700 per person. Sunvil Holidays, the agency offering such package said that the price was effectively halfed.

Other agencies that have cut prices include Oliver’s Travels, a specialist in luxurious self-catering villas, which offered a 38% discount for its villas. Bookings have been down by 30%, so some companies are still expected to join in on the price cuts. Skyscanner reports that most of the loss in bookings comes from Germany. This was probably due to the breaking down of talks between Greece and its creditors, which include Germany. Meanwhile, bookings from Britain actually increased.

However, despite the price cuts, holidaymakers from Britain are actually warned to be unable to buy food or medicine if a deal to reopen banks was not reached. President of Athens Chamber of Commerce Constantine Michalos said that shortages on the shelves for basic needs are expected by early next week.