CDBG Fund Being Sought By Painesville For Roof Repairs And Storefront Improvements

Many residential roofs in the city of Painesville are experiencing all kinds of problems and need re-roofing. This is probably the reason why the city of Painesville in Ohio is seeking Community Development Block Grants so that they would be able to help conduct re-roofing, restoration or repair projects throughout the residential roofs in the city.

The application of the city will be for a $40,000 grant fund which can be used to help out about six to eight roofs in the city that are either dilapidated or extremely damaged.

Douglas Lewis, the assistant city manager and community development director, said that the residential roof repairs were first identified by the Community Development Department when they first began the vinyl siding program in the city.

It is said that their application for the CDBG has a relatively high chance for approval because the residential roof repairs are greatly connected with CDBG’s funding goal which is to provide help in improving the housing in the country. And that is what the city is aiming to accomplish, to prioritize the roof repairs. In a meeting that was held just recently, the city council had approved the resolution that authorizes the administration in submitting an application for the CDBG fund.

Unfortunately, the city would have to wait for a few months because the expected awarding of the grants is on October. If they manage to secure the grant, then it will become available for single-family homeowners.

But that isn’t the only thing the city is aiming for. They are also aiming to secure a CBDG fund worth $50,000 to help provide architectural assistance and renovation funds for commercial storefronts.

It will be divided with about $7,500 for every building chosen that seeks improvement on their stores. If they are granted the fund, the city would be able to help about 15 businesses.

The sad news is that only downtown businesses would benefit from the grant but the city is also hoping to expand their scope.

Both the roof repairs and storefront improvements are a good move for the city to help low-income families and businesses.