Cardboard Box Manufacturers Fined For Non-Compliance Of Food And Safety Regulations

Two packaging firms, W.E. Roberts and Diamond Box that manufactures cardboard boxes for the food and beverage industry were fined due to non-compliance of health and safety regulations. W.E. Roberts was fined £300,000 for health and safety shortcomings while Diamond Box was ordered to pay a fine amounting to £400,000.

Eight months after Health and Safety Executive (HSE) visited W.E. Roberts, the Maidstone Crown Court heard the external consultant as he highlighted a number of health and safety concerns. According to the inspectors, there were certain areas like electrical safety, machinery guarding and material storage that need improvements.

Since 1958, W.E. Roberts has been manufacturing cardboard boxes for a wide range of purposes including cardboard produce tray’s intended for the fruits and vegetables market. The company has three factories in the United Kingdom and it has a group turnover of about £12 million annually. The three factories are located in Boyne Park, Tunbridge Wells and Kent.

W.E. Roberts pleaded guilty for breaching Regulation 11 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulation and Regulation 4 (2) of the Electricity and Work Regulations. The company also pleaded guilty for breaching Regulation 5(1) of Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations. Meanwhile, Diamond Box was ordered by the court to pay more than £400,000 because of an unfortunate accident wherein a worker placed his foot on an exposed conveyor and was dragged into the machine’s moving parts.

According to Wolverhampton Crown Court, the packaging company allowed uncontrolled maintenance work to take place without assessing the risks of the maintenance activity. Procedures for safe maintenance were overlooked. The HSE inspector found out during the investigations that the machine was in a “jog mode” which will not allow maintenance work to be carried out safely. The company was not able to identify trained staffs that are responsible for the machine.

Health and safety systems in the workplace can be designed by health and safety consultants to meet the specific requirements of the company and to comply with regulations. The system is designed to minimize the likelihood of accidents in the workplace and to ensure that the working environment is safe and healthy for workers.