Campaign From Aprilia To Feature Their Scooter

“What the Fun” is the latest marketing campaign started by Aprilia in order to showcase their new scooter, the SR 150. The campaign has been promoted in various media platforms such as prints, online social media, outdoor as well as television advertisements. This will benefit not only the Aprilia dealers as promotion has been hyped up but the riders as well.

The latest campaign has a light-hearted vice and it captures happy moments which they want to rely to users as the same feeling they will get when using the SR 150 by Aprilia. The scooter was designed especially for racers and the built is ideal for riders.

One of the ads under the campaign is a commercial on television which shows off how sporty the SR 150 when used. The commercial shows not one but two riders using the Aprilia SR 150 as they go out to play volleyball outdoors.

The scooter is quick to move around and maneuvering is not a problem because of its agility. There is a brake in the front disc responsible in helping the riders stop when they want to as they do different tricks. This feature was shown in the television commercial.

The power of the scooter comes from its engine with a capacity of 154.8 cc which enables it to have 10.4 bhp while the peak torque reaches up to 11.4 Nm. The front brake has a 220 mm disc while the rear brake boasts a 140 mm drum. The tyres of the SR 150 are all tubeless.

According to Diego Graffi, the CEO and managing director of Piaggio India, Aprilia has been branded as a racing heritage and now they have ventured into city driving with the introduction of the SR 150. The latest campaign follows the idea even more by setting their eyes on spontaneous and fun things which is the main goal of What the Fun all the while focusing on Aprilia rider.

The SR 150 is a scooter that has the same ergonomics found in motorbikes. With the help of the television commercials, Aprilia dealers will have more sales as the features of the scooter are highlighted.