Cambridge Regional College Workshops Boost Apprenticeships For Painting And Decorating

It’s a good day for those who wish to embark on a career in painting and decorating as a college in Cambridge is now conducting standard workshops for those seeking apprenticeships.

The Cambridge Regional College has opened up a painting workshop that has its own two-storey house this week. The head of construction at the college, John Malone, said that through the new department, their students and apprentices who wish to learn more about painting and decorating will be able to do so in a real work platform.

He also said that it is a big advantage for the learners to have a full-sized house because they will be able to practice and train in many different room settings, working on a kitchen setting to a hallway as well as different floors. This will help them become highly skilled and highly employable.

The number of students who wish to engage in a career as painters and decorators is rapidly increasing as the years go on that is why the painting workshops are a great addition to CRC’s construction facilities. Their learners will be able to gain excellent opportunities as they achieve the skills needed for the industry demands and more.

During the launch of the workshop, many different firms were present. Firms like Cambridge Classics, MG & Payne and Corbett & Cook were all in attendance and have taken the tour of the facilities. Ann Constantine, the principal of Cambridge Regional College, was the one who conducted the opening ceremony.

When employers take on an apprentice, they will be given the chance to save up to ₤1,100 as employer fees for apprentice programs are reduced to only ₤150. This was done to encourage many more employers and companies especially smaller businesses to take part in the program by 2015.

It is very advantageous to employ an apprentice who has learnt all the basics of their craft during college on a full time course because that would mean that even from the first day of the apprentice; he would already be useful to the employer and the company because he already has a good understanding of the industry.