Business Looking Positive For An Embroidery Enthusiast

There’s a place in Chester-le-Street, Nettlesworth called Sew Café where stitchers can go and indulge in their love for thread and fabric. This place is for amateurs and professional stitchers alike.

The owner of Sew Café is a 53 year old woman named Jean Westgarth. Jean loves the series called The Great British Sewing Bee because the abilities of the contenders involved are on different levels. The show also helps people who are passionate about sewing and its merits. Business in Sew Café is going great due to the series and the effect it creates on people. Jean spoke to the Tuesday group in her cafe and was very efficient in supporting and offering advices to enthusiasts.

Jean reveals how important sewing is to her and to her family because apparently, sewing abilities run in their blood. Jean decided to make the hobby a vocation in the 1990s. She started making it official by applying to a tailoring course which was offered around Framwellgate Moor and that is when she started drafting patterns. After the tailoring course, she decided to go to New College, located in Durham, and get a fashion course where she learned embroidering through a machine.

It was 1998 when Jean introduced her business which focused on embroidery. She worked at home for 10 years before grabbing up an available shop located in her home village, Tanhills, which then became her studio. Her next step was launching Sew Café and then a haberdashery.

She resolved to show people how to alter their clothing using a sewing machine. The group started meeting just on Tuesday but after receiving much attention, more schedules popped up. Here daughters namely Caroline and Jennifer are both helping out in the Sew Café while her mother and mother in law are making homemade cakes especially for the stitchers working.

More and more embroidery enthusiasts are flocking Sew Café in order to learn everything there is, become well-trained in Jean’s tutelage and even hope to have their own successful empire soon. Aside from the free cakes and coffees offered during the program, the place is also equipped with all necessary equipment for proper embroidering.