Bedbugs Hitchhike To Hotels And Offices

If you are having problems with pests in your home or commercial space, your best option is pest control in Brisbane that will provide an effective and safe solution. Up-to-date equipment is combined with natural pest control strategies to eliminate the problem without harming the environment. Pesticide usage is kept to a minimum except in rare circumstances.

According to two pest control providers in Topeka, bedbugs are moving from the bedroom to offices, schools and commercial buildings. The bedbug which has a preference for mattresses because they can feast on sleeping humans are now showing up in business establishments, banks, schools and government offices but there is more activity in commercial properties.

Tom Clarke of Keller Pest Control told a story about a lending facility that had two locations. Bedbugs were transported by the employees from their homes to the mortgage company. One lady employee was actually suspended because she took some bedbugs to work.

Joseph Davidson, general manager of Schendel Pest Services, said that his company is receiving more calls from corporate offices due to presence of bedbugs. Both Clarke and Davidson are not sure if the population of bed bugs is on the rise or if people are becoming more aware of their presence.

In a 2014 report Entomology, Ornithology & Herpetology: Current Research on bedbug epidemic, it was revealed that bedbugs have been eradicated in the United States since 1940. However, at the beginning of 1980, reports on bedbugs started to proliferate with some referring to it as a bedbug epidemic. The pests can now be found in hotels, motels and homes. This means that Topekans must avoid bringing the pests to their workplaces.

It can be challenge for commercial properties to keep the problem of bedbugs under control because of heavy foot traffic. Finding bedbugs in a hotel does not mean that the place is dirty because the pests are incredible hitchhikers.

If a commercial property suffers from a bedbug problem, pest control in Brisbane will send a team of technicians to do free inspections. There are different treatment options like using a vacuum with HEPA filter, by raising temperature to 120 degrees or higher using a heating unit or the rapid freeze process.