Amazon India Breaks Records

It is reported that by the end of the fiscal year, Amazon India will sell goods amounting to $2 billion. If Amazon India will hit the mark, it will become the fastest electronic retailer in India. India’s competitive electronic retailers include Snapdeal and Flipkart. It took Snapdeal four years to cross the $2 billion mark. If Amazon India reaches that line this year, it would have taken it half the time as Snapdeal had. On the other hand, the country’s […]

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The 2015 Economy: Asian Markets Not to Fear

On January 13, 2015, Asian economies’ worries were erased after China made a statement saying that its economy has not slowed down. This timely announcement from China’s camp came as speculations came in that China’s economy is dwindling down at a steady pace. Global Outlook The International Monetary Fund has lowered its forecast of global economic growth to 3.5 percent. This was short three tenths of a percent from its pronouncement earlier. There has been a gloomy global economic positioning […]

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3 Top Benefits Of Taking HCG Supplement

HCG supplement is among the top weight loss products being patronized by consumers especially those who want to shed off those extra fats and weight. However, if you would take a closer look, losing weight is not the only benefit that you can get out of taking supplements. There are other benefits that you can get out of the process and here are some of those. Healthier life When you eliminate your excess weight and extra body fat, you save […]

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