Australia Faces Shortage Of Skilled Workers In Housing Sector

Residential construction is starting to pick up in Australia but the nation sadly founds out that they have a shortage of tradesmen with housing skills. This has been evident in major parts of Australia where the construction sector is booming. These skilled workers including plasterer in Sydney are essential part of the housing industry especially during the selling and buying period.

The Housing Industry Association recently released a Trades Report stating that Australia is currently having a moderate problem because of shortage in tradesmen. The report also clarified that nine out of the 13 fields are currently undersupply.

The top on the list is bricklaying with a score of -0.82 based on the index of the association. The index scores can be between +2 and -2. Numbers between 0 and +1 show that there is a moderate oversupply for the particular trade while numbers between 0 and -1 show that there is a moderate shortage.

There is also undersupply in other trades including the ceramic tiling with a score of 0.56 while plastering received a score of 0.44. There is also an obvious undersupply in the roofing trade along with painting, general building and joinery. Other trades were also affected by the short supply such as glazing, security systems, concreting, scaffolding, floor sanding and pest control among many others.

On the other hand, there is a moderate oversupplies in other fields such as site preparation, landscaping, electrical and plumbing.

These undersupplies can be seen in almost all major states in the country with exceptions in Western Australia along with Perth. The highest shortage can be felt in Sydney with an index score of -0.50 while the regional part of Southern Australia received a mark of -0.41.

There is pressure among tradesmen as the number of home constructions and renovations are massively high especially in the states in the eastern part of the country. For the last year alone, there has been ground breaking of 221,761 houses.

Building approval is not as easy as before but the rules have loosen up a little bit which accounted to the strong house building sector. As construction rises, more tradesmen are needed such as plasterer in Sydney who is essential in the finishing process.