Aqua Ohio Has Revealed Plans For Reducing Water Rates In Mahoning Valley

Good news for people who live in Mahoning County and are wondering how to get a tax ID in Ohio, as Aqua Ohio has recently just announced that they have plans to reduce their water utility rates for their Struthers Ohio Division, which will cover Mahoning County. They say they might also consider more rate reductions in the future.

The Mahon County Commissioners, the City of Struthers, the Villages of Lowellville and Poland are expected to look over the legislation and approve it. The following governing bodies will discuss the legislation within May of 2018, expected to be approved, on behalf of several townships; Boardman, Beaver, Canfield, Coitsville and Springfield.

The proposal will lead to a 4.2% rate reduction, which will lead to water utility rates rolling back to the rates back in 2017, the proposal would cover bills issued from the start of June 2018, all the way to the end of the years.

The proposal was drawn up thanks to recent changes to the tax code that lead to relief for people who wonder how to get a tax ID in Ohio and Aqua Ohio, which will amount to a total savings of $330,000 for customers for the year of 2018, according to a press release from the water utility company.

According to a statement released by the company, their rate agreements usually have to go through a process that lasts for several months, during which they get input and data from each jurisdiction in Ohio before the municipalities do anything. As explained by the company’s Area Manager, Jennifer Johnson, the management team believe that they can speed up and expedite the process without any objections, so that their customers can feel the effects and get the benefits of the rollbacks as quickly as June.

The current proposal for rate rollback, however, will only affect the year of 2018, and the remaining years as per the agreement with Aqua Ohio will remain untouched. Johnson says that they’re considering further rate rollbacks and reductions, alongside increased capital investment above the set number for their agreement that is currently in effect until the year 2021.