An Excuse To Be Silly Became A Hit

A craze that has catapulted from its humble beginnings in thrift stores has now become a mainstream look during holiday seasons- the ugly Christmas Sweaters. Different businesses both online and traditional stores have sprouted in hopes of profiting from the ugly Christmas sweaters craze. One of the online shops that have etched its name in the business of ugliness is the The people behind the business aim to revive the traditional way of celebrating the holiday season with a twist of entertainment and tackiness.

Companies aiming to sell high

Last year, an outlet in Ontario was targeting to sell at least $500,000 worth of ugly Christmas sweaters and other related gears. Another store, the Now That’s Ugly Society in BC is aiming to raise fund for as much as $100,000 through selling ugly sweaters. Every year, one is accorded with the perfect timing to be silly and wear silly clothes. One of the founders of Now That’s Ugly Society, Jordan Birch, said that everyone wants to be silly once in a while. They will be hosting their 13th year of celebration of Ugly Christmas Sweater. This will be held at the Commodore.

During the holidays, the pressure mounts up to dress up appropriately. This is the best time of the year to stock up your arsenal of trendy clothing especially that people have the cash to buy the things that they want.

For a lot of organizations, one of their focal point when fundraising for charity events is through the ugly sweater drive. One organization is supporting the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada.

In the case of the Jordan Birch and his teammates, selling of ugly sweaters has been an icon of giving back to society.

How trendy are ugly sweaters

One columnist for the Globe and Mail newspaper took notice that most of the hipsters today are desperately trying to look mainstream. He further added that part of the hipster fashion is the deliberate way to look unattractive. This has been over the last 15 years. That is why it is not surprising why the trend of the ugly Christmas sweaters swept the market over the last few years.