Amorepacific Group Moving Into The Aussie Cosmetics Market

Any good hair salon in Bondi is built on a mix of good service, a solid experience, and reliable cosmetic products. With Australia’s market as competitive as it can be, brands fight tooth and nail for customers. Now, a new competitor is moving into the market; the Amorepacific Group.

Amorepacific is considered as one of the world’s largest beauty company, and is noted as one of South Korea’s largest, if not the largest, having been in operation for 73 years now. Recently, the company even celebrated what it called its “Third Era” back in November, with new headquarters in Yongsan, Seoul.

In an announcement made on March 14, 2018, Amorepacific revealed that their Laneige brand products would now be available for purchase in Sephora outlets across Australia, as well as Sephora’s official website. Laniege is the group’s premium global brand. The Laniege’s entry into Australia focuses on the group’s focus on water, with the products brought into Australia including Water Sleeping Mask, Lip Sleeping Mask, and Water Bank Essence, among others. This new move followed Sephora’s move into the US market back in 2017.

Notably, Amorepacific has been doing studies regarding the advanced beauty market in Australia, with the studies revealing that Aussies are particularly beauty conscious, as well as being far more attentive with regards to global beauty industry trends.

Additionally, people in Australia and any hair salon in Bondi can now get their hands on K-beauty products from the Amorepacific Group, which the group will be spreading across the Australian market.

In preparation for their foray into the Aussie market, Amorepacific set up a new office in Melbourne, earlier in 2017. Following the launch of the Laneige brand into Australia’s beauty care market, Amorepacific is working on bringing in its eco-friendly and natural brand, innisfree, set to launch sometime later in 2018.

General Manager Caroline Dunlop, Amorepacific Australia, says that she’s proud to be the first General Manager of the Australian branch of a global beauty brand like Amorepacific Group. She says that they are looking forward to continued cooperation with Sephora, following the success of their cooperation in North America. Dunlop says that the launch of the Laneige brand is only the start of their foray into the Aussie market, to be followed by their other brands to Aussies in the future.