Aluminium InThai: Usage In Automobile Production

Aluminium has been proven useful in almost everything that is related to life. For starters, aluminium is commonly found in cans of sardines or corned beef or any canned goods that we buy from our local grocery store. Majority of the cans used for these goods are made of layers of aluminium. Aluminium in Thai is also included in the materials used to make roofing for houses. Roofs that are made of aluminium are usually found and used in mostly rural areas. However, aluminium nowadays is being used for the production of motor vehicles. In the past, aluminium was used to make railways cars, marine vessels, bicycle and even spacecraft.  But, there has been a noteworthy increase in the number of automobile manufacturers who aluminium in Thai for their production of cars and other lands motor vehicles.

According to recent research conducted by both environmentalists and professionals from the automobile industry, the reason behind the rise of number of car manufacturers who are employing the use of aluminium while making new cars is the mere fact that yes, aluminium can be harmful to Mother Nature during the manufacturing stages.  However, the use of aluminium in Thai in the post manufacturing stage of the cars is proven to be less impactful to the environment in terms of lesser percentage of Carbon Dioxide a car that has aluminium materials in it,  can produce. In addition to this, the presence of aluminium prolongs the whole life cycle of a specific vehicle. You see, when you compare a car that has steel and a car that has aluminium, study shows that the car with aluminium consumed 8.2% energy less compared to the car that has no aluminium. This is a good factor because the lesser energy your car consumes on a daily basis, the lesser damage you can cause to the environment. In addition to this, a car that has been made with aluminium can produce a smaller amount of Carbon Dioxide, 10.3% Carbon Dioxide lesser emissions. Again, this is good for the environment. These are just few of the reasons why environmentalists are pushing for complete replacement of steel to aluminium in cars.