Aftermarket Parts For Customized Motorcycles

Recently, Richard Pollock signed a partnership with British Customs to build several custom motorcycles and to become an exclusive retailer of motorcycle parts. If you have never heard of Richard Pollock, he is the founder of Mule Motorcycles that is considered as one of the greatest builders of custom motorcycles all over the world. On the other hand, British Customs is a Southern California-based designer of aftermarket motorcycle parts for Triumph.

Richard Pollock became known for inventing the iconic classic style of motorcycle that was named street tracker. This is a street legal version of the flat track racing motorcycles that were featured on the covers of well-known motorcycle magazines like Cycle World and Sideburn. Pollock was an accomplished aerospace technician and he applied the skills and experience gained from his profession to designing customized motorcycles. His designs were a reflection of his competence as an aerospace technician. Extensive modifications on the motorcycle were made with unrivaled precision and performance.

Most of Pollock’s motorcycles are one-time designs and commissioned by private clients. His motorcycles gained popularity and when demand increased, Pollock was inspired to create a collection of bolt-on parts that any motorcycle enthusiast can buy and install by themselves. Pollock chose British Columbia as its partner because of the company’s passion for quality, heritage and respect for the past. British Columbia reflects the same ideals as Richard Pollock.

Parts of Mule Motorcycles are now available through British Columbia. A motorcycle enthusiast has a range of choice from Mule Tracker Bar, Mule Swingarm Spacers, Mule Triumph Oil Cooler Kit, Mule Sprocket Cover, Mule Passenger Peg Block-offs and many more. All of the parts are made with high quality materials according to bolt-on factory specs so that any rider will achieve the iconic street tracker appearance in their Triumph motorcycles.

Many motorcycle owners are rather skeptical on buying motorcycle parts and accessories from the aftermarket because of the wrong perception of poor quality. It does not necessarily mean that if a product is cheaper than OEM, it is less durable. Aftermarket parts are created according to the exact specifications of the model to ensure an exact fit.