Aetna To Move Deeper Into The Asian Healthcare Market Through Its Acquisition Of Bupa Thailand

Bupa Thailand was recently acquired by Aetna for an undisclosed amount of money. The acquisition will allow Aetna to expand its business concern in Asia. Aetna is a Connecticut-based health insurance provider that wants to demonstrate its commitment towards growth in the Asian region.

Bupa Thailand was established 30 years ago and according to Aetna, Bupa is Thailand’s leading health insurer. Bupa has more than 300,000 members and boasts of a network of more than 400 healthcare providers all over Thailand. According to Bupa’s website, its headquarters is located in the capital city of Bangkok but it has 17 other offices in various parts of the country.

In spite of Aetna’s acquisition, Bupa will continue to operate under its brand before it will be rebranded under Aetna. Sources at Aetna have not commented on how long rebranding will take place. However, in a released statement, Aetna has said that their acquisition of Bupa Thailand will significantly increase the presence of the insurer in Asia. The company’s strategy is to move broader and deeper into the local healthcare market.

Aetna’s expertise will be combined with Bupa’s in-depth knowledge of the local healthcare system and culture so that they can provide the Thais with a wider range of choice in medical coverage. Aetna considers Thailand as a very important market because the increasing wealth of the people can drive the greater adoption of medical insurance.

Aetna international has also announced a major expansion in the Canadian market through the opening of its office in Toronto. The insurance company said that it will offer Canadians fully compliant international health insurance plans. This includes expatriate clients who are moving to Canada.

Meanwhile, Bupa has signed an agreement to acquire a unit with the Nazer Group to be able to raise its stake in Bupa Arabia by 8% from 26.25% to 34.25%. The acquisition has already gained the regulatory approval of KSA authorities.

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