Advantages Of Double Basin Vanity Units

There are different types of vanity units but one of the most in demand types is the double basin vanity units. While this can be a better choice for a vanity unit, make sure that you have enough space for it in your bathroom and you have the right budget for it. Double basin vanity units can be higher in price but there are effective ways to lower the costs. If you are thinking about buying a vanity unit, opt for a double basin to get the following advantages.

Better functionality

Because you have two sinks in your bathroom, you can practically do more with the unit. You can store more towels and toilet supplies without having the need to place additional bathroom furniture that can eat up your space. Aside from being a space saver, buying additional furniture could mean spending more money on unnecessary furnishing. To maximize your space, choose one of those double basin vanity units with more drawers and partitions to store more items. It would also be better to pick one that is made of sturdy material such as oak, marble or stone.

More efficient

Another positive feature of a vanity unit with double basin is it can be more efficient than single basin. Having two basins means two family members can use the unit at the same time, making it more efficient and time-saving. If you have a large family who might need to use the vanity unit at the same time, choose one that is scratch-free or resistant to stains to keep the unit looking presentable even with constant use.

Higher aesthetic value

One of the undeniable features of double basin vanity units is that they look more elegant and expensive compared to single basin. When you have a double basin vanity, it only means that you have a big bathroom that can accommodate large furniture. To add class and style to your bathroom, buy a double basin vanity unit that is Victorian inspired or one with marble top and intricately designed body. Check for discount items from suppliers to lower your expenses.