Accusations Made Against Appliance Manufacturer Because Of Costly Repairs

The cost of electrical services and appliances repair nowadays is quite high that sometimes it is better to buy a new appliance than to have one repair for such a high fee. This has been the complaint of many consumers against a manufacturer of washing machine. The appliance was said to be costly when sent for repairs that it is more practical to buy a new unit.

According to Which?, a consumer group, many of the leading manufacturers of washing machines made the construction more complicated so that it can’t be easily sent for repair. Consumers who bought the machine will then be faced with the dilemma of buying a replacement component that is quite expensive plus additional fee for labor or just buy a new machine which cost less.

Because of this recent report, there are many consumers that are not sure if the campaign ads by the manufacturer even deliver the promise of making machines that are eco-friendly and energy efficient.

A statement from which revealed that the component of the washing machine that is hard to repair and replace are the bearing because of the seal around the part which makes it inaccessible. The seal drums is said to be present in many leading brands such as AEG, Indesit, Zanussi, Bosch, Hotpoint and Beko.

Experts have also conducted their very own research by comparing the latest models of washing machines to the ones developed during the late 1990s. It was revealed that the older models is easier to disassemble and repair.

According to a data from 2012, around 41% of the consumers are replacing their washing machines even before they have reached their sixth year of life service because of it broke down.

Adrian Porter, an expert in appliances used for laundry, in case you modern washing machine broke down and the cause is the bearings then it is more practical to buy a new machine rather than have it repaired. Faulty bearings are considered one of the five usual problems faced with modern washing machines. Though he admitted that the designs evolved, it became worse than progress.

Research revealed that an average life of a washing machine should be 12 years but lately, most machines have to replace before they are five years old.