A Visit To Southampton’s Most Important Port

Hon George Osborne MP, the Chancellor of the Exchequer visited ABP’s Port located in Southampton, Hampshire in order to have a closer look at the harbor that has a very important role in securing UK’s economy.

The Chancellor was welcomed by ABP Chief Executive, James Cooper along with ABP Director of Southampton, Nick Ridehalgh. Both officials guided the Chancellor in his tour on the port.

EU Port Regulations

The three officials discussed among themselves the European Port Services Regulation that is being proposed by leaders and how this would impact the operations of Southampton ABP Port. With the regulation that has been underway among European nations there have been a threat to existing ports.

They discussed thoroughly the importance that Marine Conservation Zones will not affect the growth of ports and their vital service to sustain economic balance.

Southampton holds UK’s most treasured port that handles vehicles. Protecting the interest of ABP port is among the top agenda of the government of UK. Southampton houses the country’s most efficient and effective port container. It is also well known to be Europe’s primary turnaround cruise port. The ABP generates 15,000 jobs for locals and foreigners alike and is able to contribute a staggering 1 billion pounds for the economy.

The director and chief executive of the port were able to show to the visiting Chancellor why the port is very crucial to the success of UK’s economy. One of the main driving forces for the efficiency of Southampton port is its exceptional road links as well as railroad paths. The intricate railway and roads in Southampton are the keys to its success.

The government of UK saw this cornerstone in Southampton’s successful port trade in that an investment amounting to 27 million pounds poured into Southampton, Hampshire’s further road improvement and construction of infrastructure. The Chancellor visited the Southampton area after making the investment.

ABP chief executive further added that the ABP port in Southampton is an important gateway for business industries in United Kingdom to gain direct access to markets worldwide. Products that are transported in the country through Southampton vary from cars sent to US and China to rice and grain exported from Asian countries.