A New Addition To The Family Of Bubble Wrap

Paper Mart bubble wrap has been always been one of the most popular in the packaging of different kinds of products for protection and insulation against any form of possible damage. Industries of such kind which cater to protective packaging needs of clients are expected to grow even more as both manufacturing and shipping of goods are becoming global.

The traditional bubble wrap has always been enjoyed by popping enthusiasts, but recently, news about Sealed Air Inc., another company that has been making Bubble Wrap for the past 55 years was reported to be replacing the traditional kind with a new product called iBubble Wrap.

The company was first founded in 1957 by Alfred W. Fielding and Marc Chavannes. Three years after, Bubble Wrap became the signature brand of Sealed Air Inc. The creation of Bubble Wrap was quite an accidental one as the two men originally were experimenting on making a new kind of wallpaper but instead ended up with an intelligent way of a protective packaging of fragile and sensitive materials for safer shipping.

Sealed Air described one truckload of the new product to have an equivalent amount of packaging material as 47 trucks containing the traditional bubble wrap. The company, however, clarified to the Bubble Wrap fans that the older model – the one that pops, is not going away as iBubble Wrap may be considered as an addition only to the packaging materials that they sell.

After taking control of Sealed Air in the year 2012, President Jerome Peribere had Bubble Wrap companies in Mexico and South Africa shut down. According to Wall Street Journal, president of product care for Sealed Air, Ken Chrisman, said that they did consider totally eliminating from their business the making of Bubble Wrap if sales were not feasible. It has been said that the shipping of Bubble Wrap is just too costly, mainly because of its massive size; and for this reason, the company limits its market size to customers residing less than 150 miles away from their factories.

The new model of Bubble Wrap is said to be cheaper than the popping version, however, customers will additionally have to purchase from Sealed Air a pump that costs $5,500. This being said, the company is hoping to lower the total cost for customers in the future and more importantly, it is looking forward to finding ways to deliver this material on trucks that normally have inflation devices.

At present, the company is said to employ more than 25,000 people in 175 countries.