A Look Into Fisker Inc.

With the world becoming more environmentally conscious, greener, more sustainable alternatives have become the leading trend, a venture that many companies are now wholeheartedly embracing. For automobiles and automotive parts, electric vehicles are the next big thing, with Elon Musk’s company Tesla leading the charge.

Recently, however, automotive design expert Henrik Fisker and his eponymous company,have been making a comeback as Tesla’s main rival in the electric vehicle category, and, now, the design expert and his company plan to introduce a several upper-end luxury vehicles, powered by a new development known as the three-dimensional solid-state battery.

According to Fisker Inc. these batteries, which will feature three-dimensional electrodes with 2.5x the energy density of current lithium ion batteries, will be safer, lighter and run longer than the current models available in electric vehicles. The company says that these batteries are capable of having an average driving range of 500 miles, with a charge time as fast as one minute.

Fisker’s new development uses three-dimensional solid-state electrodes, which give them 25x of surface area compared to the flat, thin-film, solid-state electrodes, which also tend to be expensive, and poor at handling extremely low temperatures. According to Green Car Congress, this new technology will also provide high ionic conductivities, which will allow for fast charging and operation in cold-temperatures.

Fisker says that they see a clear path for dealing with such issues thanks to their technology. He does say, however, that the tech still has quite a ways to go; there’s a lot of fine tuning and testing to do. Fisker, however, revealed that they are hoping to do on-road tests by 2019.

Fisker Inc. isn’tFisker’s first attempt to go into manufacturing automobiles. While he does have intimate familiarity with automotive parts thanks to having designed some notable vehicles in the past, such as the BMW Z8, and the Ford Shelby GR-1, that didn’t help his first automotive company, Fisker Automotive, which tanked thanks to the primary supplier for its batteries, A123 Systems, closing down.

His effort attempt is worth noting, as it comes at a time where the majority of the world’s automobile manufacturers have made plans to electrify their products. Currently, however, EV-only Automaker, Tesla Inc., is working on proving that EVs are very much a profitable venture.

Fisker was vague about who was backing his new company, saying that he didn’t really want to divulge that information. However, he was clear on what he wanted the company to achieve; to become a full-scale EV-only automaker with its own unique brand; one that stands out with its unique elements.