3 Things To Consider When Liveaboarding

For a diving enthusiast, anytime is the best time for diving. However, unlike diving trips where you go back to the shores after a scuba diving experience, liveaboarding trip involves staying in your houseboat for days. Similan islands liveaboards can be an enjoyable experience for sea lovers but there are also a few things that need to be considered. Here are some of those.


One of the things you need to consider when planning for a liveaboarding trip is the time of the year. For instance, if you are planning to do your liveaboarding trip in one of the tropical countries in Asia, like Thailand, you need to familiarize their seasons. Tropical countries in Asia generally have only two seasons; the rainy and sunny. Find out which months are dry and with good sea conditions.  Dry seasons offer better sea visibility and calmer seas.  This means you could enjoy doing your dives without the worries and disturbance of natural weather.


Doing Similan islands liveaboards can be quite expensive. Take note that not only are you going to spend for the trip, you also have to have the right equipment for diving and this is the part where you need to really invest on. Having the wrong gears or substandard equipment could cost your life or the lives of your diving buddies. But the good news is that there are budget packages that you can choose from. Make a research on the packages offered and check if there is any that suits your budget. The price range of liveaboarding is generally determined by the type of sea craft and itinerary.


If all of you in the group are expert scuba divers, you can choose the budget pack as it highlights multiple diving trips in a day with less relaxation time. However, if you have companions who are not into scuba diving but want to experience Similan islands liveaboards, choose a package that include snorkelling, island hopping, beach BBQ and other non-diver activities. With liveaboarding, there is an activity for both expert divers and non-divers alike. There are also those that offer diving lessons for those who want to learn the craft.