2017 Digital Trends That Will Redefine Influence And Interaction For Marketers

This year, mobile redefined how people connect with each other and with brands. Mobile and social have made their influences in marketing, business and communications.

Adweek identified some areas included in the 2017 annual trends predictions of Edelman Digital.

Conversational experiences

Messaging applications are now beginning to be a second home screen. There is a chatbot revolution ongoing, and this is due to its adoption by platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Skype, Google, Twitter DM, WeChat, Line, Kik, Salesforce and Slack. With billions of everyday users of these messaging platforms now typically engaging with the brands, the platforms are hoping to enable the marketers to scale creative one-on-one engagement opportunities known as conversational experiences. These will combine previous evolutions in text and e-commerce services while showcasing artificial intelligence.

Immersive content

2017 is a turning point on how audiences will consume and interact with video content. With the releases of Pokemon Go on Unity, HTC Vive, PSVR and Oculus Rift, augmented and virtual reality became major technological breakthroughs this year. By next year, there will be significant improvements in software and immersive devices.

Influencer marketing

As stated by eMarketer, 2017 is going to be a big milestone for digital advertising. Digital spending will be greater than TV. With the challenges that marketers face in terms of ad blocking, general skepticism, bot fraud and social algorithms, the influencer marketing is going to play a central and renewed role in 2017’s marketing mix. Influencer marketing is nothing new. However, this is going to mature as brands will partner with digital savvy YouTubers and Snapchatters, as well as co-create original content.


With the growing pressure to show tangible return on investment (ROI) in terms of marketing and communications, business to business (B2B) brands adopt techniques continually, such as account based marketing (ABM), advanced targeting and marketing automation. In 2017, B2B marketers will move towards identity-based KPIs. ROI pressure will prompt marketers to acquire the ownership of overall customer experience, and to plan strategies in marketing, sales, communications and information technology.


It is important to master what works today with what is going to work tomorrow. And, this is where marketing experts, such as a Digital Marketing Company in Franklin, are able to help companies or brands excel.